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Pura Vida Porter

Our robust porter, dark and velvety. Brewed with five different malts and three hops; Northern Brewer, Goldings and English Fuggles. A tasty twist on the Pura Vida Costa Rican lifestyle! Don’t be afraid of the dark! Brewed to a slightly drier finish than most porters it delivers chocolate and coffee flavors. A perfect complement to beef or pork entrees and is an outstanding pairing with breakfast. Available year round.  5.9% ABV  41 IBU’S

46.9 Amber

Our version of Amber Ale style is the sweetest of our regular brews. It offers a little more body from British dark crystal malt, a lower alcohol content, and an easier hop profile. Lightly charged with Chinook, Goldings and English Fuggles to wake up your tastes buds. Available year round. 5.4% ABV 27 IBU’s

Iguana de Oro (aka ‘Iggy’)

New to small batch handcrafted ales or just not a fan of hoppy beers? ‘Iggy’ is a Golden ale brewed just for you! Golden color, light aroma, and a dry finish courtesy of English Progress hops. Here is your session beer in the Costa Rican sun! Available year round.  4.9% ABV. 18 IBU’s

White Tip Hefeweizen

Hazy gold with a snow white head. Ask for it with a slice of orange! A German-style traditional hefeweizen with just a little zip from German Tettnanger hops. Taste some spice? No spices added, it’s all courtesy of our unique strain of wheat beer yeast. Prosit!  Available year round at Cafe Europa and on a rotating basis at Coconutz. 5.2% ABV  14 IBU’S

Howler IPA

A west-coast style IPA. Orange color and intensely aromatic this our big chewy hop bomb. Jammed up with Columbus, Azacca, Cascade and Mosaic hops you will get hints of orange, other citrus flavors, and some spice and earthy tones. Get the spiciest plate on the menu; it will go toe-to-toe. Available on a rotating basis at Coconutz. 6.7% ABV  63 IBU’S

Double Coconutz DIPA (Double IPA)

Take the Howler and crank it up a notch (or two). We substitute Willamette for the Mosaic hops that are in the Howler and then dry hop it with additional Columbus and Cascade hops. This one is a nightcap, folks. Available on a rotating basis at Coconutz.  7.5% ABV  77 IBU’s

Leafcutter pale ale

Ants are industrious and so is this beer. Working hard to bring you flavor and cut through your spicy meal and quench your thirst. The grains are steeped at a slightly lower temperature to bring less malt sweetness. Cascade and Mt Hood hops round out the flavors in this ale of golden color. 5.9% ABV 32 IBU’s

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